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Hire a Motorhome for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and Save Money

In July 2014, the Commonwealth Games came to Glasgow, Scotland

This was a monster of an event with athletes and spectators arriving from all over the world. Tickets for all the Glasgow Commonwealth Games events sold out from day one with many disappointed sports fans losing out on the ballot.

One thing that is apparent that available cheap accommodation was pretty thin on the ground, with the few remaining properties being rented out at an average of £2000 per week.

So many people rented a Motorhome for the duration of the event? They not only saved money but with camping and parking at venues around Glasgow this was an ideal opportunity to not only take in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, but also getting the benefit of a luxury Scottish holiday home at the same time.

The event was assisted by a large group of volunteers named the Clydesiders. Dressed in their Red, Grey and White uniforms, the Clydesiders performed many tasks including driving athletes to particular events and venues, assisting spectators at venues, crowd control, assisting athletes and much more.

Now as we look forward to the next Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast City,Queensland, Australia in April 2018, this is the best time to reserve your motorhome accommodation well in advance. Choose from a range of campervan and motorhome suppliers such as Britz, Apollo and Pure Motorhomes.