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The Long and Winding Road - RV Hire for Bands

The Long and Winding RoadDo you play in a band?

Do you tour the country strutting your stuff and performing at your best?

Do you find the cost of good hotels far too expensive?

Do you find the cost of fuel to transport your gear defeats the purpose of trying to save money?

If the answer to all of the above is a resounding "yes!" Then we have the perfect solution.

Have you ever thought about a Motorhome hire for bands?

Combine both your travel and your accommodation into one, by hiring your Motorhome, RV or Campervan - whatever you call it!, from Holiday Campervan. 

When it comes to vans for bands, the average Motorhome could easily accommodate the average guitar and bass back line, drum kit, keyboards, small PA system or guitars - and provide the band with a good night's sleep!

Most bands will play at gigs way into the wee small hours. There is nothing worse for a band than to return to the hotel or digs after the gig, only to find the bar closed or the night porter asking you to keep the noise down. 

But hey! You are buzzing in that post-gig euphoria, swapping stories about the brilliant lead guitar break, or how the drummer recovered after losing his sticks. With the RV hire your problem is solved - your very own chill out zone, packed with all your favourite goodies!

So by combining the cost for hotels and travel you would easily afford one of our luxury Motorhomes and all the fun that goes with it - providing cheap accomodation for musicians.

So check out our RV rental for bands and our compare Motorhome prices and see how you can save money with our discount vouchers from the leading Campervan suppliers.

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Rock On!