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Hiring a Motorhome in Oslo

Hiring a Motorhome in Oslo

If you are thinking of Hiring a Motorhome in Oslo, Norway is the ideal location for a CamperVan holiday - the landscape is dramatic yet beautiful, with lakes mirroring the majestic mountains capped with ice hewn from glaciers. Deep thick forests cover the landscape. With the fragrance of fresh pine everywhere. Norway coastline boasts masses of Islands, each with their own individual characteristics.

Imagine travelling around this pleasant land, finding the ideal location for an overnight Motorhome stay. The silence at night, only to be broken by the dawn chorus of the many different varieties of birds that frequent Norway's landscape.

There are over 3000 fjords in Norway, deep chasms of water formed by the moving glaciers many thousands of years ago.

Norway boasts many facilities for tourists and there are an abundant amount of campsites spread around the country.

Why not travel to the Svalbard peninsula where you may get the chance to see polar bears and puffins.

The summer in Norway can be quite short, some six weeks, however the temperature can reach approximately eighty degrees Fahrenheit, this makes it an ideal place to travel with your holiday CamperVan.

The most popular towns and cities to visit on your touring holiday are Oslo, Bergen,  Tromso, Trondheim and Stavanger.

The most popular country parks are Jotunheimen, Ovre Pasvik National Park,  Junkerdal National Park and Dovrefjell National Park.

The majority of people in Norway speak English, and ATM's are available to withdraw money from your home bank account.

The permitted size of caravans on Norwegian roads:is

Width: 2.55 metres max. Note that some secondary roads have a maximum width of less than 2.55 metres. If your caravan is wider than 2.3 metres and more than 50 centimetres wider than the car, white reflectors must be mounte

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