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10 Must Have Apps for Your Motorhome Holiday

Top Ten Travel Apps for your Motorhome


App Description


Must have app to ensure you can keep in touch with friends and family when you are on the move


For campers and caravanners to monitor how much electricity is used by each electrical gadget


A great value guide to more than 8,000 campsites in the UK and Europe, backed up with user reviews, pictures and inch-perfect GPS coordinates. 

AA Parking

Provides details of nearby parking facilities

Pin Pin ATM Finder

Details from 220 countries of all nearby cash machines should you get a little short when on holiday


World renowned website and app providing feedback and experiences (good and bad!) of vistors to holiday locations

Wi-Fi Finder

This app allows you to find the nearest source of WiFi (perhaps free!) when you are on your travels

Better Translator Pro

Provides translation support for more than 50 languages - handy when you need to order a beer anywhere in the world!


Allows your smart phone camera to turn normal shots into super pictorial masterpieces

Best Car Hire

In case you need to rent a car on your motorhome holiday. The app also comes with a handy currency convertor, and the PC version provides  information on flights and details of any delays

If you can think of any better motorhome, RV or Camper Van apps then please let us know!