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5 Tips for a Successful Campervan Holiday

5 Tips for a Successful Campervan Holiday

To ensure you have the best Motorhome holiday ever, we bring you some sound advice to make you enjoy your holiday Campervan adventure even more.

Tip 1. Plan Well in Advance

Now that you've completed your Motorhome hire ( from HolidayCampervan hopefully!) don't think that's the holiday all arranged. Far from it. You need to start planning your route, check any planned roadworks to avoid spending your entire holiday stuck in a traffic jam, start doing some homework on the destinations, checking out campsites and checking if they have parking spaces available at the time you wanted. Check your SatNav has the correct up to date maps for your destination.

Tip 2. Pack Sensibly

Remember that you will be living in your vehicle for the duration of your Motorhome hire, so you will be able to wash out your clothes regularly. That being said, if you are flying to a destination and then picking up your Campervan rental, you will be bound by the airline luggage restrictions.

Tip 3. Get Sufficient Travel Insurance Cover

No matter how near or far you are travelling as part of your Campervan holiday, travel insurance will be required to provide cover for medical treatment, loss of baggage, travel disruption or holiday cancellation.

Tip 4. Ensure You Have Motorhome Hire Insurance

Remember that travel insurance is not the same as Motorhome Hire Insurance - Most products will insure the excess on the MotorHome hire agreement and also provides cover for the keys, tyres, windscreen and the underbody of the vehicle. Always check the policy small print!

Tip 5. Get Familiar!

Take some time, when you have picked up your holiday Campervan, to get to know the vehicle. Like any vehicle hire, you may not be familiar with the controls, indicators, lights etc. Get to know how to adjust your seats and mirrors. If there is an on-board SatNav, then program before starting your journey. Forget about the Motorhome luxuries behind you, you'll have plenty of time to explore the fixtures and fittings when you stop for the night.

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