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Camper Van Hire Sydney Festival

Camper Van Hire Sydney Festival

- we've got just what you need to enjoy the Sydney Festival in comfort with your very own chill out zone. Whether it's a small camper van or a larger motorhome or RV - we can get you sorted!

If you're going to be in Australia in January, you've got to get yourself along to the Sydney Festival. There is plenty of things to do in Sydney in January, the famous New Year's Eve Fireworks included.

In fact why not Hire a Camper Van for the Sydney Festival and beyond?

The Sydney Festival takes place each January and is a wonderland of art, theatre, music and circus. The Sydney Festival boasts that it is comprised of around 400 performances at 140 events performed by more 1000 artists in more than 30 venues - quite an achievement!

Think Edinburgh Festival - then think the same again with fantastic weather!

So what are you waiting for? Book your Camper Van Hire for the Sydney Festival now and get ready to party - Australia style!