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Driverless Motorhomes - are we being taken for a ride?

Driverless Motorhomes - So Are We Being Taken for a Ride?

The global transport industry is in the grip of the autonomous driverless vehicle revolution.

Driverless vehicles are being trialed by many of the leading car manufacturers. Every day we hear stories of successes and failures, we hear the case for and the case against the technology.

But from a motorhome, campervan or RV perspective, Are we being taken for a ride?

Your average UK motorhome driver, uses the vehicle for leisure and pleasure. It's not about getting to your destination as quickly as possible, it's about taking your time and watching the world go by - or maybe watching the queue of motorists irately overtaking at the first possible opportunity!

Then there are other things to consider for example motorhome insurance. The automobile insurance industry is currently demanding that future policies must cover the driver for being both a passenger in the driverless vehicle as well as being the driver when required to take control. So complex times ahead.

With all this and the recent spate of accidents and fatalities attributed to driverless cars - there is a long road ahead of us before driverless motorhomes get up to any speed.

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