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Hire a Motorhome in Norway and Follow the Disney Frozen Trail

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Hire a Motorhome in Norway and Follow the Disney Frozen Trail

The success of the Walt Disney Pictures animated film Frozen has seen an unprecedented upsurge of tourism in Norway. Tourists are flocking in droves to catch a glimpse of the Norwegian coastline and landscape, similar to those depicted in the animated film supposedly making Disney 1.2 billion dollars worldwide



The film concept relates the tale of a brave princess Anna who embarks on an epic journey with a rugged iceman named Kristoff by her side, his devoted pet reindeer Sven, and Anna’s childhood snowman Olaf to find her estranged sister Elsa, whose icy powers have inadvertently trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.

The art director on the film, Michael Giaimo, travelled to for Bergen in Norway, and based the mythical kingdom of Arendelle on the country.

The animated film contains many iconic Norwegian churches, houses and fjords and in a very smart marketing strategy, Disney have put together various family holiday packages in Norway to satisfy the fans of the film.

Searches for airline flights to Norway are up 153 percent, according to travel experts. Hotel bookings increased by 37 percent in the first quarter of 2014. Disney’s 2015 Frozen-inspired maiden voyage out of the Scandinavian country is already almost sold out. Disney Cruise Lines have now launched new timetables to the Norwegian fjords next summer, with seven, nine and 11-night cruises. A seven-night cruise may costs from £988.

So why not hire a motorhome in Norway and follow the Disney Frozen trail at your own pace. At HolidayCampervan, we believe you can make your own package holiday in Norway and with our superb range of motorhomes, RV’s and campervans we guarantee you won't be "frozen" out of the holiday experience.

Although very cold in the winter, the temperature in Norway in the summer can reach between 25 – 30 degrees centigrade – maybe not the best time to see the same scenery as you would see in Frozen!

So why not hire a motorhome in Norway now and follw the Disney trail - if you can a-fjord it! blush