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Four Things To Consider Before Looking For Motorhomes For Rent In London

four things to consider - motorhomes for rent in London - near me

So you're looking to rent a motorhome or campervan for a holiday trip? Fantastic! Some of life's best stories happen on the road and nothing quite beats being able to change the surroundings of your accommodation with relative ease. But before you get ahead of yourself, we've got four simple tips to give before you look at motorhomes for rent in London.

How Do I Find Motorhomes for Rent in London Near Me ?

Firstly, don't just go with the first motorhome rental London firm that you come across. That includes a London motorhome for rent you've spotted on Gumtree, and when you spot a poorly scribbled sign in the window of a motorhome that reads 'FOR HIRE'. While this may seem like a really easy transaction, you might be walking into a literal deathtrap. You have no guarantees about what maintenance that the owner has performed on their vehicle, nor will you know anything about the insurance the owner has on their vehicle. You will get these guarantees if you go with a professional company offering motorhomes for rent in London. Our second bit of advice may seem a little strange but, trust us, everyone gets caught out by this one when they're driving in a campervan for the first time: don't worry about the noise. When you're driving on particularly bumpy roads, some pots may clank or the contents of cupboards may shuffle about. Within an hour or two, your brain will become accustomed to the noise. We say this so that people can be prepared and to ease their concern. As long as you are renting a motorhome from a trusted company, those noises don't mean there's anything wrong with your motorhome.

Another really important thing to do before selecting from a motorhome hire London firm: do an inspection of your vehicle. While a good rental company will always perform an extensive pre-rental inspection, there may be times when things are missed. If a previous user caused the damage, you may end up having to pay for something you didn't do – whether you realise it or not. So inspect all aspects of the motorhome for damage (both in the interior and exterior), make sure the fittings work (including heating and air conditioning) and take some photos for proof. By doing this, you may save yourself the cost of an item being missing or damage that wasn't previously noticed. Lastly, always ask the firm offering a motorhome hire in London for the contact details of their breakdown company. While rental motorhomes from professional companies are very well maintained, there's still the possibility of something going wrong. If this happens late at night and you can't get through to the firm's office, you may be left in the dark and unsure what to do. A good firm will give you the right contact details for when you run into trouble – no matter the time of day (or night).

These are just a few of the things that we recommend to anyone looking to use a campervan hire London firm. Most of the above issues are something that you won't have to worry about when dealing with a truly professional motorhome rental company. Nevertheless, it's good to keep these things in mind before looking at motorhomes for rent in London.