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Rent A Motorhome London

How Can You Make Sure Your Motorhome Is Legal?

If you want to rent a motorhome London based, you should do. It’s a wonderful way of taking a break from everyday life, and can be the most fantastic holiday you’ve ever had. Go for a weekend, go for a month. Just go. We all need to get away from life for a while sometimes.

In case you were already packing to go and organise your motorhome rental in London based, or you’ve got it on your to do list fairly soon, there are some items that you just have to take with you. Not because they’re the latest fashion and without them you’ll just be so uncool. Not because they’re quite useful and you’ll regret not having them with you. But because it’s the law. There are some things that you have to pack because you’ll be breaking the law if you don’t have them. Travelling around the UK in your campervan hire London based needs a lot fewer essential items than when you go abroad. So we’ll start with the basics for Europe. For more detailed information, it’s best to check. To begin with, you will need high vis jackets for everyone, and an emergency warning triangle. If you were to break down, you need to be safe, and you need to be seen. Something else that’s important is a spare bulb kit. If a bulb blows in your lights, you can get pulled over and you can get a fine, points, or both. But if you have spare bulbs, you can fix the problem before it goes too far and gets too pricey!

How Do I Rent a Motorhome in London Near Me ?

When you rent a motorhome London based and you go abroad, you need to remember that there are different rules and laws in place now. When you have a vehicle that was created in the UK, or at least made for driving in the UK, there are a few things that you’ll need to check before you head off. One thing is to ensure there is a GB sticker, which you should have when you rent a motorhome. We’ve all seen them, but did you realise they were there because it’s illegal not to have them? Plus, the headlights will need to be converted by changing the bulb or painting the plastic cover. Now for the things you might not even have thought about. Do you need glasses for driving? Then you’ll need a spare pair to keep in the London motorhome rental. They need to be of the exact same prescription as the ones you normally wear, so you might need to take a special trip to the opticians or check online if you know your prescription. Even if you’re t-total, you must have a breathalyser on board too. And if you have had a drink and intend on driving, make sure you use it to check you’re not over the limit.

Finally, there are a lot of documents that you will need when you rent a motorhome London based. They are all important. You will need: your driving licence, the V5C for your motorhome, travel insurance, EHIC cards, passports (for everyone on board, including any pets), and breakdown cover when you organise campervan rental London based.