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The Benefits of a SatNav in a Motorhome

The Benefits of a SatNav in a MotorhomeWhat are the benefits of a SatNav in a motorhome ?

If this is your first experience of hiring a Motorhome, it is hard enough coming to terms with controls, field of vision and manoeuvrability without having to worry about getting to your destination.

Sure you can swat up on your route and stopping places in advance, and of course you can also depend on your co-pilot - give me strength!

Nowadays, you can throw away the old AA map and purchase one of the many shapes and sizes of SatNav's (satellite navigational systems) which are available on-line and in all the reputable electronics stores.

You can purchase an extremely good SatNav for less than £100, depending on your needs. If you intend to only travel within the UK, most of these should be adequate. Be warned, however, that if you intend to travel abroad, you will need to have the appropriate maps downloaded to your SatNav. This will be an additional cost.

How does a SatNav work? Well the SatNav contains a microchip which sends a radio signal to satellites which are orbiting the earth. These satellites will calculate the longitude, latitude and altitude of the SatNav signal. It is then laid over computerised maps which show your position, to an accuracy of 10 metres. It can then calculate the distance to your point of destination, and estimate your time of arrival based upon known traffic conditions and speed restrictions.

Apart from purchasing a SatNav, many smart phones and tablets have SatNav apps which can be downloaded to your appliance and provide a very good portable SatNav for a fraction of the cost.

One of the most annoying things about SatNav's is the durability of their holders which normally attach to the windscreen. These tend to break quite easily and it is not easy to use when you do not have the map in view. One solution is to purchase a separate clamp on Amazon or eBay for less than £5 and keep in the glove compartment, for that rainy day.

So hopefully now we have convinced you of the benefits of a SatNav in a motorhome