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Types And Features Of Motorhomes

Motorhomes are a special kind of vehicles designed for the convenience of people while going from one place to another. They are also known as motorised recreational vehicles (RVs). There is a wide range of Motorhomes available to rent, from custom built to purpose built. The requirement and use of these vehicles depend upon their size.

Features of motorhomes:

The certain features in these Motorhomes vehicle are as follows:

  • There is a permanently installed sink and cooking facilities in Motorhomes
  • There is a dining table for the diners to have their meals
  • There is at least one bed, which is about 1.82 meters long
  • There is a permanently placed water tank in the vehicle. The minimum capacity of this tank is 10 litres

Safety requirements:

There are certain safety standards and requirements to be met while using these vehicles. The majority of motorhomes are relatively large and heavy vehicles, therefore  a different approach to driving is required.  

There are new UK Motorhome safety belt requirements which state that from 2007 all new vehicles will have to have seat belts fitted to all seats except those seats that are solely intended for when the Motorhome or Campervan is parked. In the UK it needs to meet the normal MOT requirements.

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Classes of motorhomes:

There are three types of classes of these vehicles which are differentiated on account of some features. These classes of vehicle are:

Class A Motorhome: These are very heavy vehicles constructed on a commercial truck chassis.

Class A motorhomes tend to have the drivers cab integrated with the rear of the vehicle, so for example the driver an passenger seats swivel round to form part of the rear living area. They also include drop down beds providing greater flexibility, an often come with improved insulation (very important if you're hiring a Motorhome in Canada, Norway, Germany, the UK or the other Northern Hemisphere countries).

Many of these motorhomes, or RV's, are built to a very high standard, and come with the best furnishings and fittings. From a driver's perspective they are very wide on the road so great care should be taken if this your first experience of driving a large RV.

Class B Motorhome: Class B Motorhome is also known as van conversions and camper vans. These are the smallest in size out of these three and tend to sleep 2 people only. There is a kitchen, living area and bathroom in the class B Motorhomes.

Because of their small size there is no issue of parking of these vans. This class of vehicle gives the best mileage and is the easiest to drive. If the small space in the Motorhome doesn’t bother you then it is the right choice for you.

Class C Motorhome: These Motorhomes are average in size and fall between the A and B mentioned above. They are usually recognised easily because of their overhead sleeping area. 4 to 8 people can sleep in a class C Motorhome.

They have bigger space in them for a kitchen, living area, and a bigger bathroom than class B. They are able to tow a separate vehicle with them for sightseeing and other purposes. It is huge in size, which is why it is harder to find a parking area for this type of vehicle. These have poorer gas mileage as compared to class B Motorhomes.