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UK Motorhome Hire - Try Before you Buy

UK  motorhome Hire - try before you buy

According to the UK's Sun newspaper, Great Britain is in grip of a love affair with caravans and motor homes. It is estimated that there are approximately  755,000  caravans and motor homes in use in the UK and the figure is likely to rise to 807,000 in the coming five years – and wait for it - a stunning 889,000 by the year 2030.

The analysis was commissioned by the Caravan and Motorhome Club and was conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research

Most of the registered Caravan and Motorhome Club members (circa 78 per cent) stay in the United Kingdom while the remaining adventurous 22 per cent head for the easily accessible European mainland.

Interestingly enough the largest percentage of owners live within the Yorkshire and Humber region, followed closely by the West Midlands.

But owning a motorhome is not within everyone's budget capabilities, so at HolidayCampervan we recommend that you "try before you buy". We offer a wide range of motorhome hire in many locations around the UK. So if you would like to try UK motorhome hire before you buy, click onto HolidayCampervan from the comfort of your own home