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UK Motorhome and Campervan Rental - Staying Cool When the Weather Gets Hot

When it’s too hot to handle – Play it Cool with a UK Motorhome Rental

The UK used to be tagged Cool Britania - but this year’s record temperatures in the UK and the rest of the northern hemisphere have proven that whether we like it or not the earth is getting hotter. Scientists believe that we are now feeling the effects of global warming – those chickens have come home to roast!

Traditionally UK holidaymakers have gambled everything and headed for the sun be it Greece, Spain or Florida – but with the thermometer set to rise in the UK and the rest of Europe in the years ahead it’s time to start thinking of alternative holiday venues.

When you hire a motorhome, you have the freedom to travel wherever the road leads you. Motorhomes, campervans and RV’s come in all shapes and sizes, both to suit your budget but also to suit your holiday expectations.

The Best Motorhome Holiday Locations in the UK

The UK has many locations that are perfect for a motorhome holiday, be it the rocky coastlines and sandy beaches of Cornwall and Devon, the pastoral hills and dales of the Lake District, the valleys of Wales, the stunningly beautiful Atlantic coastline in Ireland or the grandeur of the Scottish mountains, lochs and glens.

With a quality network of camping sites, and the ability to wild camp in mysterious discreet locations, planning a motorhome holiday gets easier every year.

Easy to Drive

Prior to the advent of motorhomes and campervans, the traditional form of motorised camping was down to the good old caravan. We all remember being stuck behind one, on a single-track road with no chance to overtake. Well if you think the same about motorhome travel, then think again!

Modern day motorhomes and campervans can drive as fast as any modern-day car, people carrier or SUV. Manoeuvrability can be slightly trickier for the larger vehicles, but the average motorhome is easy to drive and easy to control. With your well stocked kitchen, bedroom and bathroom in the back row behind you, the average motorhome driver can travel with ease, knowing that the next pit stop and time for a bit of shut eye is only a lay-by or a motorway service station away. With many providing air conditioning to keep you cool in the heat of the moment.

How We Can Help You Find the Best Motorhome

So, make next year’s holiday an adventure to remember and hire a motorhome from us at Holiday Campervan.

We compare the market of all the motorhome and campervan suppliers in the location of your choice. With many of the motorhome suppliers providing discounts it’s good to check all the options.

Stay cool!