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What Type of Motorhome Should I Hire?

What Type of  Motorhome Should I Hire?

At the current time, it is estimated that there is over 90 motorhomes manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

These tend to be categorised as follows:

  1. Panel van conversions. These smaller motorhomes tend to be based upon your typical commercial metal-panelled van.
  2. Coachbuilt motorhomes. This is when the motorhome manufacturer takes the basic cab and chassis from a commercial vehicle manufacturer, and then customises with the motorhome body to the rear of the vehicle.
  3. A-class. not unlike the previously mentioned coachbuilt motorhomes, the motorhome manufacturer takes the chassis from a commercial vehicle, and fits a new cutomised cab and body.
  4. Demountables / fifth wheels. Not common in the United Kingdom and tend to be of American design.
  5. RV or Recreational Vehicles tend to be imports from the USA.

When you select your holiday dates and size of motorhome into the search panel in Holiday Campervan, we will provide you a large selection of motorhome vehicles from various motorhome suppliers.

Then we will describe each of the motorhomes in great detail to ensure you have all the information you need to know to answer the question - What Type of  Motorhome Should I Hire ?