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When in Rome, do as the Romans will do and order a Starbucks!

A revolution is about to sweep Italy, according to Lee Marshall, the Telegraph Travel’s Italy Expert. Starbucks, the US coffee giant, is set to open its initial stores in Milan and Rome. The opening dates have been moved back to 2018 “because we’re doing a big thing here” according to Antonio Percassi, the ex-footballer, who is bringing Starbucks into the country.

But there is a twist in the coffee cup, because it is well known that the Italian’s love their coffee, especially espresso. Locals have warned that the first time they serve a bad espresso, at temperature too hot to knock back in the one go, the locals will never go back.

According to Lee, both coffee cultures will exist in a parallel universe, with tourists being the main supporter of the kid on the block. Italians will taste the difference, but may be swayed by the offer of free wifi!

But here’s hoping that the revolution is only a partial victory, and the traditional Italian coffee culture, with its corner cafes and attention to the quality of the coffee battles on to the unforeseeable future.

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