Campervan Hire London – Why Rent A Campervan?

Campervan hire London based is not only a smart way to travel, it is a smart way to live. More and more people nowadays are flocking to the campervan as the perfect way to get around and enjoy themselves on holiday. Instead of flying, or sticking to their cars and staying in hotels, millions of people around the world each year decide to take to the road in campervans and motorhomes. The bulk of these are rented from trusted websites who provide access to quality campervan rentals, so that the freedom of the mobile life needn’t be a lifelong financial burden. But why are campervans so popular?

The Freedom Of Motorhome Hire London

Why do millions of people choose to rent a campervan for their holidays annually? Some people might imagine that the motorhome hire London holiday is a less pampered experience than retreating to an expensive hotel. And they might be right when it comes to comparing being on the road to a five-star hotel spa treatment in terms of luxury and ease. But it is so much more than that. A hotel is obviously more likely to provide you with four course meals and gyms than campervan hire London based. But a stationary holiday doesn’t let you explore a country; it doesn’t provide with you with the same sense of adventure and moreover, freedom. A hotel holiday doesn’t feature sunsets on the road, the rolling landscape or nights sat out under the stars. In this age of corporate life and confinement to their office desks, more people are choosing to hire motorhome London wide and travel in campervans during their vacations than ever before. This is primarily because of the freedom that taking your home to the road represents. Imagine the joys of a road trip, being able to spend the night wherever takes your fancy. Motorhomes and campervans offer spontaneity and versatility: wherever you lay your hat, that’s your home, for tonight at least!

The Luxury Of Campervan Rental London

But of course, while that freedom is alluring, it isn’t the only attraction of campervan rental London or beyond. The fact is that motorhomes these days can be luxurious. Although never quite the same as the five star hotel experience, they can still come pretty close. Naturally, it depends on your budget and the kind of holiday you want, but modern campervans and motorhomes can come with many more advantages than camping. For a start, rent a campervan London or elsewhere and you won’t be spending nights in the rain pitching a tent. Many people who love the outdoors and being on the open road like to choose campervans because of their relative ease. With a campervan, you need only find somewhere to park up before crawling into bed. You won’t be woken by cold or rain, and you won’t run the risk of your tent being blown away by the wind. Aside from being a step up from camping, a campervan rental can even provide many of the comforts of home. Modern campervans at the luxury end of the market can come equipped with full kitchens and bathrooms. They can be stocked with the latest in wireless treats and gizmos, as well as being a joy to drive. Motorhomes especially can reach the highest levels of comfort.

Motorhome Hire London Is The Best Way To Travel

So, motorhome hire London and campervan hire London options represent freedom, and they can also be the ideal choice for luxury and ease. More than that, though, driving around in a campervan is the best way to see any country, allowing you the freedom to go where you please, with the comfort to enjoy it. Not having to find and pre-book hotels is a joy in itself that you will be reluctant to relinquish. But renting a campervan is not just for sunny climes and exotic road trips in Australia or stateside. One of the most popular reasons to hire a motorhome London based is to explore the length and breadth of Britain in all its glory. This is a far more cost-effective way of taking a holiday than booking hotels or B&Bs, and is a booming business, bolstered by the sense of nostalgia holidaying at home. Equally, the growth of music and other cultural festivals has created a keen demand. Older campervans are a particularly popular choice for those braving the wet summer’s music festivals, for instance. Many camping aficionados are now switching their allegiance to cheap motorhome hire London, as they realise the motorhome’s relative comforts compared to a windswept, rain-sodden tent.

Choosing The Perfect Campervan Rental London

One aspect that strongly demonstrates the campervan rental London scene’s resurgence is the proliferation of rental sites online and the huge range of campervans available to the consumer to rent. There are old and new models, expensive and cheap models, and everything in between. But how should you choose between the alternatives available? Which campervan is right for you, your family and your holiday? A big consideration when you rent a motorhome is size. Motorhomes and campervans come in many shapes and sizes, from simple 2 berth campervans to monster 6 berth affairs. While a campervan can be really great for a couple, you shouldn’t underestimate the amount of space that an adult needs, especially when on the road for any great length of time. If you have the budget, it is often worth opting for comfort when it comes to campervan rental London UK wide. You will also need to consider where exactly you are travelling, how long you will be driving for, and over what sort of terrain. There should be a range of vehicles available to meet every need. The final consideration is naturally your budget, as most people are cost-conscious. This is why you should try and find a rental website that offers great choice at great prices. HolidayCamperVan is just such a website.

Great Value Campervan Hire London From HolidayCamperVan

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