Campervan Rental London UK Wide Options – Campsites

Campervan rental London UK wide choices can offer the ultimate freedom when it comes to deciding what you do on your holiday and where you go. However, you’re still going to be tied by camp sites and rules. This prompts people to ask whether it’s really necessary to pitch up on camp sites.

It’s actually illegal to wild camp in England and Wales. Even so, it’s tolerated in more secluded areas, so long as you respect byelaws and leave no trace of your vehicle once you move on. However, booking onto proper camp sites will often be a stipulation of your motorhome insurance and, besides, it can have benefits too. For example, parking off-road can be unsafe, not only in terms of vehicle security, but also in relation to terrain issues. You have no idea of where you’re parking if you don’t have the security of a proper camp site; and the area may be prone to flooding, for instance. Campervan hire London based options can be a brilliant way of seeing the country and sticking to regulated camp sites ensures that you’re going to be safe and secure for the length of your holiday. On proper campsites, you will have access to clean water and the other amenities on offer, which can help make your camper a home from home. With a wealth of campsites available across the UK, you can travel from location to location and see exactly what you want to, when you want. Campervan rental London based choices really do offer the ultimate freedom while you’re on your travels.

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