Campervan Rental London – Which Campervan Is Right For You?

Campervan rental London is perhaps what you will be searching online for if you live in London and have made the wise decision to rent a campervan for your holiday this year. Choosing campervan hire London wide is an increasingly popular option amongst holidaymakers, and these motor vehicles are witnessing something of a revival. Of course, the overwhelming popularity of campervans also means that the range available for rent or purchase is also growing. To the novice, this diversity can throw a spanner in the works, and cause confusion over which campervan to go with. With this in mind, here is a helpful guide to the wonderful world of campervans.

Campervan Hire London And How To Approach The Campervan

To the complete campervan rental London based novice, we must first address the simple problem of definition. What is a campervan? A campervan is essentially a kind of basic motorhome: a self-contained home on wheels, capable of transporting you and a friend in style and comfort. As already mentioned, the diversity of motorhomes on the market is impressive, and your campervan rental London UK agency or website will likely provide you with a variety of vehicles to choose from. These might range from the latest luxury models through the cheaper options. To make the right choice, you will need to have a good idea of what you are expecting from your campervan experience. Take the humble class B motorhome, for example. It is also commonly known as a van conversion or campervan, a basic yet nonetheless highly popular choice. While the interior doesn’t offer you the same luxury experience as a larger, modern motorhome, there is room for two people to sleep and has its own kitchen, living area and bathroom. Although campervans usually have these basic facilities necessary to cook meals, wash up and settle down for the night, there is generally no divide between the driving cabin and the living quarters. Therefore, the campervan that you acquire from your motorhome hire London based agency will be an intimate space, both your home and your transport for the duration of your holiday. Although it’s small, it’s highly effective for those on a budget. It is easy to drive and offers the best mileage of all the motorhome options!

Making A Choice When It Comes To London Campervan Rental

So what alternatives to the class B motorhome, or campervan, are available for London campervan rental? It’s a question of setting your parameters and finding the vehicle that best meets your needs. If, for example, you find that a campervan is not up to your standards of comfort, you might want to source a larger, more fully equipped vehicle. The next size up is the class C motorhome. These comfortably provide overnight accommodation for four to eight people, as they include an overhead sleeping area. Moreover, there is additional room in the kitchen and living areas and a larger bathroom to boot. It’s worth bearing in mind that these are much harder to park up without a little advance planning, though. Also, if you are on a budget, note that you’ll get far fewer miles from a full tank of gas than you would from the class B campervan. The class A motorhome is bigger still – in fact, it uses a commercial truck chassis as the base for its accommodation. While often packed with luxury features, it costs significantly more to hire and to run; and is more difficult for the driver to manoeuvre. These are the basics, but the choice available from a good camper van rental London based website is much wider. Go fully equipped into the campervan hire market by listing your requirements. What size does the campervan or motorhome need to be? Where are you travelling to? What kind of terrain are you covering? What’s your budget? The next step is choosing a campervan rental company that knows what it’s doing. Luckily, HolidayCamperVan fits the bill perfectly.

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