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Hiring a Motorhome in the Algarve

Hiring a Motorhome in the Algarve

Going on a Motorhome holiday to Portugal is a magical experience.

Although a relatively small country, Portugal can still be beautiful and pleasantly surprising. Most people when they think of Portugal imagine the beaches and the coastline of the Algarve, but the cities of Lisbon and Porto are a treasure to be studied, along with the various medieval villages, walled towns and historical monuments.

On the Algarve, the family-friendly resorts have been popular with European tourists for many years. This means that there are many Motorhome campsite parking facilities based in and around the Algarve.

One thing to be aware of is that recently, Auto Tolls have been introduced in the country.

There are apparently three methods one can pay to use the Tolls:

a) A prepaid top-up card.

b) A Three day visa (worth 20 euro) or...

c) Register a Credit Card.

So it’s best to be prepared beforehand.