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Motorhome Hire Italy - the Da Vinci Trail

Motorhome Hire Italy - The Da Vinci Trail

Italy Campervan Hire

One of the many pilgrimages you have to complete with your motorhome rental in Italy is the Da Vinci Trail.

The 500th anniversary of his death was celebrated in 2019, and the great artist Leonardo Da Vinci has left his footprint across Italy, Europe and mankind, with his famous paintings, anatomical drawings and futuristic inventions have left us mesmerised, For over 500 years.

One of the favourite museums to visit in your motorhome is the Museo Leonardiano, which is located right in the old town centre of Vinci, a small hamlet of medieval origins at about 30km from Florence.

The Leonardo Museum, which is considered to be the centre for overall learning about the artist’s scientific and technical studies, contains probably the biggest collection of Leonardo models, built to the specification of his priceless drawings. Video films and 3-Dimensional digital animations ensure the collection is easy to understand and appreciate the experiments Leonardo was responsible for.

To visit the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci you will need to travel to the village of Anchiano on the foothills of Montalbano

Italy campervan hire

Other important sites to visit are Santa Maria Delle Grazie Church in Milan where you can find The Last Supper, one of Italy’s most visited and well-known paintings, painted directly onto the wall.

At the Uffizi Gallery in Florence - Hall 15 is where you will find da Vinci’s including ‘Annunciation’ and ‘Adoration of the Magi‘ which like a lot of Da Vinci’s work remains unfinished  and is currently under restoration.

In Venice, at the Galleria dell’Accademia  the famous Vitruvian Man is housed, however, because of its fragility and scientific significance, the original sketch is locked away and not on view.

So get the most of your Italy campervan hire - immerse yourself in the Italian history and culture from the comfort of your own motorhome rental in Italy.