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Motorhome Rental in Norway

Motorhome Hire in Norway

Motorhome Rental in Norway

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When looking for your Motorhome rental in Norway, at HolidayCampervan we want to ensure that you have the best holiday ever in the land steeped in Viking history and crystal clear scenery with God's own pyrotechnic performance, namely the aurora borealis.

At Holiday Campervan we compare Campervan Norway rental prices to find the best motor home rental deals at your chosen destination in Norway - suitable for the size of your family or travelling companions and your motorhome vacation travel plans.

To get an online quote for the best low cost Motorhome Hire Norway, just type your desired dates of travel into our search engine and browse from a selection of international and local suppliers, then select the size of campervan that suits best - even 4WD campers and truck campers.

Where Can I pick up my  Motorhome Hire in Norway?

You can choose to pick up your Norway Motorhome Hire from Bergen, Bjervik, Bodo, Evenes, Evenes Airport, Grimstad, Kristiansand, Moss, Nordkjosbotn, Oslo, Oslo Airport, Rygge, Stavanger, Tromso or Trondheim.

The major campervan hire in Norway companies include Pure Motorhomes Norway, McRent Norway and Rent Easy Norway.

When renting a campervan, you can also choose to drop off the camper van at the same depot it was hired from or drop off at a different depot in a different town. It's so simple to choose the best Motorhome rental Norway suit your motorhome holiday budget.

Benefits of Touring Norway by Motorhome

The benefits of booking the best self-drive Norway Campervan Hire is that you can hit the road and travel at your own pace, stopping at the next convenient overnight caravan park or campgrounds. A campervan holiday is a relaxing vacation off the beaten track. You can enjoy your holiday home on wheels, decked out with all your creature comforts and go and explore the Norwegian coastal regions or the National Parks, whenever you want - whenever you want, travelling on your road trip from A to B in time for T!

Travelling with Friends? If you are a group renting 3+ vehicles,then discounts may apply.

Renting for 21+ days? - Then the longer the rental, the bigger the discount.

Please remember to arrange travel insurance before starting your journey.

rent a motorhome Norway

So where is Norway?

Well Norway, with its capital city, Oslo, is based in Northern Europe bordering Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Russia.

The people (population of just over 5 million), and the language are to referred to as being Norwegian or Norse.

The landscape is dramatic yet beautiful, with lakes mirroring the majestic mountains capped with ice hewn from glaciers. Deep thick forests cover the landscape. With the fragrance of fresh pine everywhere. The Norway coastline boasts a mass of Islands, each with their own individual characteristics - just the kind of place you want to drive your Norway motorhome hire to. 

Considered one of the most spectacular camper rental journeys, the Atlantic Road runs for 8km between Kristiansund and Molde and is a truly remarkable driving route. Edging out into the sea, this National Tourist Route is a mixture of low bridges with beautiful stretches of smooth road. 

What do Norwegians Eat?

Look out for Norwegian cuisine with a twist - Gravlaks is a popular dish of dry-cured salmon, marinated in salt, sugar and spices and then left to ferment. Kjøttkaker which is minced beef, rolled into balls before being fried. This is then served with gravy, mushy peas and boiled potatoes.

For dessert why not try Multekrem made of cloudberries and whipped cream. Although the staple diet is predominantly seafood, there is a much more controversial dish available in Norway. Minke whale meat appears on many restaurant menus. Norway continues to hunt for whales despite the international ban. Not everyone's taste but many would be surprised that whale is actually a meaty texture rather than fishy.

Why Choose HolidayCampervan for your Motorhome Rental in Norway?

At Holiday Campervan we know that Norway is the ideal location for your Motorhome holiday. By choosing your campervan rental Norway, you will experience the Motorhome holiday of a lifetime. The minute you step into your luxury camper van and see the style and feel the comfort of the luxurious interior you know that will have made the right choice - your home from home.

Working in conjunction with Motorhome Republic, we have a motorhome in Norway available to suit your needs - from 2 berth to 6 berth. If this is your first experience of a camper or RV rental Norway, then we think you will be amazed with quality interior (and exterior) fittings. In fact you won't want give us the Motorhome back!

Imagine travelling around this pleasant land, finding the ideal location for an overnight Motorhome stay. Listen to the silence at night, only to be broken by the dawn chorus of the many different varieties of birds that frequent Norway's countryside, including larks, herons, sandpipers, wagtails and many more.

There are over 3000 fjords in Norway, deep chasms of water formed by the moving glaciers many thousands of years ago. Nowadays the fjords are home to many leisure activities including cycling, kayaking, hiking and skiing.

When you choose your Norway campervan rental, there are many facilities for tourists, many Norway motorhome routes and there are an abundant amount of campsites spread around the country to park your holiday campervan.

Handy Tips for Driving your Motorhome Rental in Norway

There are certain things to be aware of when arranging your camper hire Norway. 

Make sure that you plan your motorhome journey in Norway in advance - ask your motorhome supplier for a map or use Google Maps if it is safe to do so. 

Speeding and aggressive driving is very much frowned upon in Norway. Be courteous and adhere to the speed limit – on highways it’s 90km/h unless instructed otherwise.

You drive on the right and dipped headlights must be kept on at all times.

Toll roads operate in some parts of Norway – Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.

Although the legal limit is 20 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliltre of blood, there are severe penalties for drink-driving, and at HolidayCampervan, for the sake of your own and your passengers and other road users, we would recommend zero tolerance.

Cheap Campervan Hire Norway

Just remember that booking a cheap campervan Norway may not always be the best option. Please ensure that the campervan you choose is an adequate size to suit your travelling party. Some of our camper supplier companies even offer tempting campervan discounts which can be found on our home page.

So why not join us? You'll find that booking your Camper Rental Norway is easier than you think.

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