London Motorhome Hire – Types Of Motorhome

London motorhome hire brings with it a number of questions about the size and type of vehicle you may want to drive. All campervans and motorhomes have their own designs and features that distinguish them from one another and can enhance or detract from your next journey. The trick is to know the different types before you book.

Searching for a motorhome to hire from the London area will bring up plenty of options. All of these campers will bring different costs with them. One of the most popular campervans available remains the VW campers that are often also used as daily vehicles. They’re comfortable enough for two passengers, alongside other small van conversions that can be an excellent alternative to larger vehicles if you’re travelling light. If you need larger campervan hire London based, you could consider hiring one of the bigger, converted campervans. These can also be called panel vans and can include larger version of those essential travel elements – washrooms and kitchens. Another option if you’re looking for motorhome hire London wide is the low profile coach-built motorhome. With this type, a motorhome body is built over a cab and chassis provided by one of the major van manufacturers. Similarly, its larger sibling is the conventional coach-built motorhome, which has over-cab storage. This can translate to more sleeping room, but it really depends on the type of motorhome you’re looking for and your individual travel needs. You can get even larger, with A class motorhomes, tag axle motorhomes and American Recreational Vehicles, also known simply as RVs.

When you’re searching for London motorhome hire, you should always find the most appropriate vehicle for your needs. This will save you money, especially if you use a site like HolidayCamperVan to find the best possible deals on campervans and motorhomes to suit your holiday requirements. Find out more by visiting .