Motorhome Hire London – What Is A Motorhome?

Motorhome hire London based is an increasingly popular way to travel and holiday amongst young and older people alike. Motorhomes, campervans, RVs, and trailers: they’re all selling and renting more than ever before. But what is the difference between motorhome hire and campervan hire London or elsewhere? To many people, they are much of a muchness; but if you’re in the market for a motorhome, or indeed a campervan, knowing the difference could be essential for finding the right vehicle for your holiday. To help you tell the difference between your RVs and campervans, your motorhomes and trailers, we’ve compiled a quick guide, covering the essential holiday home vehicle categories.

The Difference Between Motorhome And Campervan Hire London Wide

So when you start your search online today for the perfect vehicle/holiday home combo, should you be searching for a motorhome or looking for a campervan? Let’s start with an overview of the different categories of on the road holiday home comfort. We can begin with what a motorhome is not. It is not a mobile home. A mobile home is a big caravan that, far from being mobile, is actually stationary throughout your whole stay. Motorhome hire and campervan rental London based companies don’t usually deal with this sort of holiday home, which are called trailers in America. A motorhome is also not a caravan. A caravan is, generally speaking, an unpowered vehicle which is towed by something, most usually your car. A motorhome differs from a caravan in that you can drive it around on its own. Here, we get down to the basic definition of what we will be looking for from a trusted motorhome hire in London; and that is either an RV, motorhome or campervan. The difference here is primarily one of degree. An RV is an umbrella term mostly used in America to describe motor vehicles taken camping. In the public mind however, RVs tend towards the larger end of the spectrum. Campervans are smaller than motorhomes, usually being 2 to 3 berth vehicles, and of a modest size. You can find many good campervans from motorhome hire UK London based websites that might include kitchens, and/or bathrooms, but they are usually more compact than those found in your standard motorhome.

Types Of Motorhome From London Motorhome Hire

So there you have what a motorhome from a London motorhome hire is not. A motorhome is a 2 to 6 berth vehicle that is generally built on a long wheel base. Motorhomes commonly come with bathroom and kitchen facilities, and there may be other features, such as a television, DVD player or air conditioning. Motorhomes can be divided further though, into low profile coach-built motorhomes, conventional coach-built motorhomes and ‘A’ class motorhomes. The first category is much as the name describes. These vehicles have a low profile, using a cab and chassis of van type, with a motorhome body built on top, to complete the motorhome look. These smaller types of motorhome can sleep two or more people, and can have a fixed double bed, though this bed is also sometimes mounted transversely, with the space underneath termed the ‘garage’. Conventional coach-built motorhomes are similar to low-profile motorhomes, but are built with a kind of over-cab storage, which is often used as space for an extra bed. ‘A’ class motorhomes are a step up on the scale, and are also available from good luxury motorhome hire London based websites. They are entirely coach-built and are thus a size larger than their diminutive conventional coach-built cousins. They use just the bare chassis unit from a large vehicle manufacturer and are therefore big enough to house all the essential luxuries of the home. The type you opt for is largely up to your budget and your family size. But whichever type of vehicle you choose, you can find the right one at HolidayCamperVan.

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