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Motor Home Hire London Heathrow Airport

Motorhome Hire Heathrow | Campervan Hire Heathrow

Motorhome Hire Heathrow | Campervan Hire Heathrow

Luxury Motorhome Hire Heathrow Airport

Campervan Hire Heathrow Airport

If you are looking for luxury campervan hire Heathrow Airport we compare the market at London Heathrow Airport to bring you the best motorhome rental deals available.

By booking your motor home hire London Heathrow Airport, this is an ideal location to leave the airport onto the M4,and the head to the south west of England and Cornwall and Devon. Equally you can head north to Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds or even further up north to Scotland.

Which Motorhome Hire Companies are at Heathrow Airport?

For your motorhome hire Heathrow Airport, the suppliers offering luxury motorhome hire are Compass, McRent, SpaceShips, CamperRents and EasiCampers. 

Motorhome Holidays London

Arranging your motorhome rental at London Heathrow Airport is easy, just key in your required dates, your motor home pick up venue (Heathrow Airport) and we will provide you with the list of most suitable vehicles.

It's then up to you to browse the range of motorhomes for hire at london heathrow airport, and choose the one which suits your budget and your comfort needs.

Do You Offer Motorhome Rental Heathrow Discounts?

To check what campervan rental discounts are available for your motorhome hire at London Heathrow Airport, these will be displayed during the motorhome booking process

Top Tip – Check Customer Online Reviews

Each motorhome holidays Heathrow Airport company which we select for you comes with a previous campervan renter 5-star rating which you may find useful when making your decision as to which motorhome holidays Heathrow you eventually choose.

Always remember to arrange travel insurance before you start your journey.

What are the Different Varieties of Camper Vans and Motor Homes Available?

Before you decide which Motorhome Hire London company to get a quote and book online, you will want to understand the different varieties of campervans, motorhomes and recreational vehicles that will be offered to you to drive as part of the Campervan Hire London deal. Some of the early bird RV rental rates on offer may increase nearer your departure date, so make sure you secure your booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Micro Motorhomes or Mini Campers

These tiny motorhomes are often based on small van versions of popular cars or even small people carriers. Most mini campers offer sleeping for two, but many just have just a single berth.

You will also usually find simple cooking facilities and a cupboard to store the smallest portable toilet.


The legendary Volkswagen camper has been popular for more than half a century. There are thousands of camper vans on the road and they are still being built today by the original manufacturer Volkswagen, and a small industry of specialists able to convert or upgrade the vehicle.

Normally they offer comfortable but basic accommodation for two or more happy campers in a family car sized vehicle. They will be equipped with basic cooking facilities, and the addition of an awning can allow for greater head-room, making the campervan more comfortable.

 The benefit of a small micro motorhome and a small campervan is that they can be used to travel into the city and be parked as a normal family car – but be familiar with the minimum roof height when parking in a multi-storey car park with barriers.

Class B Motorhomes - Larger van conversion

Bigger commercial style vans can be converted and are sometimes known as 'panel van' conversions. These larger vans, like a transit van, again can offer more room and are capable of being decked out with a reasonable sized washroom/toilet and a more capable kitchen with gas cooker and dinette and with adequate headroom. They are the least expensive recreational vehicle to operate. The Class B motor home is easy to drive on the motorway, highway and around towns and cities. Because the driving and living compartments are connected, there is no need to get out of the RV during stops and it is capable of reaching less accessible camping sites that are too tight for larger motorhomes.

 Class C Motorhomes

These motor homes use a driver’s cab and chassis from one of the major van manufacturers. A motorhome body is built on to complete the recreational vehicle.

Inside the motorhomes, two or more campers can sleep comfortably, and in most cases are equipped with all the comforts of home including a washroom, a shower and cassette toilet (a removable waste tank on wheels).  Some of the motor homes will be equipped with a fixed double bed and can also make use of the over-cab storage to fix an over-cab bed. Although they are generally easy to drive, like a large moving truck, some of the larger models can be difficult to manoeuvre in tight spaces, and some models of this motor home may be too large to drive around the local town, therefore alternate local public transportation or a car hire may be required.

Class A Motorhome

The Class A motorhome is a recreational vehicle built on a stripped-down truck or lorry chassis where the driving compartment is an integral part of the RV interior, so no separate cab. Class A motorhomes look like a large bus and are well equipped with room inside for double beds and all the luxuries of a home from home.

The American Recreation Vehicle RV

These come with a large interior over the top luxury fittings and fitments. More importantly, many vehicles are dependent on petrol fuel and in the larger RV’s they can be less than fuel efficient and can offer miles per gallon figures in single figures. 

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