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glastonbury campervan hire

Motorhome Rental Glastonbury Festival

Motorhome Rental Glastonbury Festival

Motorhome Rental Glastonbury Festival 2020

Hire a Campervan for Glastonbury

When you think of Glastonbury, you think of thousands of music mad fans camping in cold muddy fields, in all shapes and sizes of tents just looking for a fun packed weekend. But it doesn't need to an uncomfortable experience. Nowadays there are all sorts of glamping varieties with all sorts of amenities, including warm comfortable campervans, motorhomes and RV's (Recreational Vehicles).

Compare Campervan Hire for Glastonbury 2020

Like all good travel websites, we compare motor home hire Glastonbury festival prices to guarantee that you get the best value for money and peace of mind when you  hire a motorhome Glastonbury Festival

To compare the Glastonbury campervan hire cost, just type your desired dates of travel into our search engine, choose your best Glastonbury campervan pick-up depot and where you would prefer your vehicle to be dropped-off, and browse from a selection of international and local motorhome suppliers, then select the size of campervan for hire Glastonbury, that suits best.

Where is the Glastonbury Festival Held?

The Glastonbury festival takes place in the South West England at Worthy Farm between the small villages of Pilton and Pylle in Somerset, 6 miles east of Glastonbury, overlooked by the Glastonbury Tor ( a large hill managed by the National Trust). 

The next Glastonbury Festival (the 50th anniversary) takes place from June 24th – 28th 2020. Glastonbury tickets 2020 went on sale on 6th October 2019 and were sold out within 34 minutes. Motorhome rental Glastonbury Festival | Hire a motorhome Glastonbury Festival

What Goes on in Glastonbury - Stays in Glastonbury

The first Glastonbury Festival, organised by Michael Eavis, was held back in 1970. It attracted 1,500 attendees and the entry fee was £1. Compare this to today when approximately 135,00 people visit the festival.

The festival is one of the most popular music events in the UK, and tickets this year sold out in a matter of minutes after each batch went on sale. It’s become the go-to place for musical-lovers, and has played host to everything from weddings to huge-scale climate change protests as well.

The festival is best known for its contemporary music, but also features dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret and many other arts.

There are many stages including the main Pyramid Stage, the Other Stage, the John Peel Stage, the Acoustic Stage and the Green Fields (where the organisers share love and knowledge, educate and communicate, raise awareness of climate change and campaign for ways of living that will help combat the catastrophic effect that our carbon emissions are having on the planet).

Who Has Performed at Glastonbury ?

There have been many famous music performers at Glastonbury - the 2019 festival included Stormzy, George Ezra, Sheryl Crow, the Killers, Liam Gallagher, Janet Jackson, the Proclaimers, the Cure, Miley Cyrus and Kylie Minogue. 

Previous performers have included David Bowie, the Who, Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen

Motorhome Parking at Glastonbury

You will need to buy your Glastonbury campervan tickets well in advance as they tend to sell out early. If you do have one, make sure you’re driving on the Blue Route (off the A37) or the White Route (off the A361), depending on your ticket, to gain entry to the right fields. Please confirm that these routes are still valid. Campervans cannot be parked in the normal car parking area. All motorhome pitches are allocated on a first come first served basis.

It is approximately a 10 minute walk when you park your motorhome for hire Glastonbury Festival in the outer parking areas and about 20 minutes to the main stages.

You won’t have access to any 240v mains electricity hook up, but our motorhomes will run on the 12v leisure battery system and gas for all its amenities such as lighting, heating, hot water, shower, fridge and cooker. Just remember, the 240V 3-pin main plug sockets in the motorhome will not work unless you are plugged into 240v mains, so please remember to pack your car phone charger for your mobile devices – smart phones, iPads etc.  

To re-charge your motorhome leisure battery you will need to run the motorhome engine each morning to keep the battery topped up throughout your stay at Glastonbury. This is important as generators are usually not allowed at the festival site.

Always arrive at Glastonbury with a full tank of fresh drinking water and use it sparingly as you will not be able to drive to a water station tap to fill up. Please conserve water where you can.  

It is not always possible to empty your chemical toilet… it should last several days if again you use it sparingly (if I were you, I would use the campsite toilets where possible).

Make sure you stock up at a supermarket before travelling to Glastonbury and arrive with a full fridge to make sure you can take advantage of your own cold drinks and food as and when you want.

Please be courteous to your neighbours when parking your Glastonbury campervan.

The Benefits of a Motorhome Hire Glastonbury Festival

One of the familiar sites at the Glastonbury festival, is the welly-clad campers, soaked to the skin, moving from stage to stage to try and fit in as many performances as possible during the weekend. No chance of drying out or a good night’s sleep to look forward to, especially if you are camping in the small cramped tents favoured by the campers.

That is, unless you compare and book your Glastonbury motorhome hire.

When you hire a motorhome for the Glastonbury Festival, the benefits are obvious.

  • The ability to eat decent food rather than the festival fodder
  • Being able to get dry – take lots of different clothes!
  • Being able to get wet - enjoy a shower!
  • Being able to entertain friends and fellow campers
  • Getting a good night’s sleep, away from the loud music
  • Sanctuary! Having your very own mindfulness chill out zone

What Tickets are Required for Campervan Visitors?

Each person staying in the motorhome for rent Glastonbury Festival requires to purchase a weekend festival ticket, as well as the campervan parking ticket.

Top Tip – Check Campervan Glastonbury Customer Online Reviews

Each motorhome rental company which we select for you comes with a previous campervan renter 5-star rating which you may find useful when making your decision to Hire a Motorhome Glastonbury Festival

Top Tip - Save Money - Check Campervan Hire Glastonbury Discounts

Details of motorhome rental company discount codes and early bird discounts particular to your holiday destination can be found during the Glastonbury campervan online booking process. 

What are the Different Varieties of Campervan Hire for Glastonbury?

Before you decide which Motorhome Rental Glastonbury Festival company to get a quote and book online, you will want to understand the different varieties of campervans, motorhomes and recreational vehicles that will be offered to you to drive as part of the Glastonbury Campervan deal. Some of the early bird RV rental rates on offer may increase nearer your departure date, so make sure you secure your booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Micro Motorhomes or Mini Campers

These tiny motorhomes are often based on small van versions of popular cars or even small people carriers. Most mini campers offer sleeping for two, but many just have just a single berth.

You will also usually find simple cooking facilities and a cupboard to store the smallest portable toilet.


The legendary Volkswagen camper has been popular for more than half a century. There are thousands of camper vans on the road and they are still being built today by the original manufacturer Volkswagen, and a small industry of specialists able to convert or upgrade the vehicle.

Normally they offer comfortable but basic accommodation for two or more happy campers in a family car sized vehicle. They will be equipped with basic cooking facilities, and the addition of an awning can allow for greater head-room, making the campervan more comfortable.

 The benefit of a small micro motorhome and a small campervan is that they can be used to travel into the city and be parked as a normal family car – but be familiar with the minimum roof height when parking in a multi-storey car park with barriers.

Class B Motorhomes - Larger van conversion

Bigger commercial style vans can be converted and are sometimes known as 'panel van' conversions. These larger vans, like a transit van, again can offer more room and are capable of being decked out with a reasonable sized washroom/toilet and a more capable kitchen with gas cooker and dinette and with adequate headroom. They are the least expensive recreational vehicle to operate. The Class B motor home is easy to drive on the motorway, highway and around towns and cities. Because the driving and living compartments are connected, there is no need to get out of the RV during stops and it is capable of reaching less accessible camping sites that are too tight for larger motorhomes.

Class C Motorhomes

These motor homes use a driver’s cab and chassis from one of the major van manufacturers. A motorhome body is built on to complete the recreational vehicle.

Inside the motorhomes, two or more campers can sleep comfortably, and in most cases are equipped with all the comforts of home including a washroom, a shower and cassette toilet (a removable waste tank on wheels).  Some of the motor homes will be equipped with a fixed double bed and can also make use of the over-cab storage to fix an over-cab bed. Although they are generally easy to drive, like a large moving truck, some of the larger models can be difficult to manoeuvre in tight spaces, and some models of this motor home may be too large to drive around the local town, therefore alternate local public transportation or a car hire may be required.

Class A Motorhome

The Class A motorhome is a recreational vehicle built on a stripped-down truck or lorry chassis where the driving compartment is an integral part of the RV interior, so no separate cab. Class A motorhomes look like a large bus and are well equipped with room inside for double beds and all the luxuries of a home from home.

The American Recreation Vehicle RV

These come with a large interior over the top luxury fittings and fitments. More importantly, many vehicles are dependent on petrol fuel and in the larger RV’s they can be less than fuel efficient and can offer miles per gallon figures in single figures. 

Driving a Motorhome Rental to the Glastonbury Festival for the First Time

When you hire a motorhome Glastonbury Festival and if you have never driven a camper van before it’s only natural to feel a wee bit nervous. After all you are probably moving from the equivalent of rowing a boat to maneuvering an oil tanker!

The main thing is not to be overawed. Take your time to get a feel for the cabin and the motorhome controls. Make sure that your driving seat is adjusted to the correct height and distance from the steering wheel. Get to understand how to start the engine and more importantly how to stop!

Ensure you understand all the manual gears (unless automatic), know how to move into reverse, and how easy the clutch is to depress.

Adjust your wing mirrors, making sure that you can see the full length of the campervan. Watch out for people overtaking when you least expect it – remember slow moving caravans and motorhomes can be frustrating to other impatient drivers following behind.

Get to know your height restriction (very important when travelling on roads with overhanging trees or bridges).

Bring a good map to help you navigate the area in your Glastonbury campervan, or use Google Maps to plan your journey

It can get very cold at night in England, so bring extra-warm clothing.

Give yourself plenty of time for your journey to Glastonbury as the roads to the festival will be busy.

Remember to take regular breaks (aim for every two hours or so) to avoid driver fatigue.

When you arrive at your campsite, reverse park, to ensure your eventual departure is made easier.

Just remember that your “oil tanker” is a lot longer than your usual “rowing boat” so make sure that you give yourself plenty of space to turn at every road junction.

If in doubt, just ask the motorhome rental agent, who will be happy to take you over all the features of the Glastonbury campervan hire.

Motorhome Rental Glastonbury Festival | Hire a Motorhome Glastonbury Festival

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